Amy Marks on Productization and Expected Experience

This is a special episode of Bridging the Gap. This is our final live recording from the 5th annual MEP Force. During the Day 1 General Session, we sat down with the Queen of Prefab herself, Amy Marks. A key theme she touched on was ‘expected experience’ in your job and in a product. How you anticipate a situation can drastically affect your satisfaction with it. She also touched on the importance of productization. We have to do a better job taking all the knowledge and ideas we have and turn them into products and processes.

Rethinking and Reusing Waste

Many consider sustainability an attempt to build a better future – for us to leave the world in better condition than we received it. This involves new ways of thinking about problems, including reducing waste, and thus the carbon footprint, of construction. Most sustainability solutions involve long-term strategies. Those strategies Read more…