The Inspiring Actions of Manufacturing, Blurred Lines with Construction and Quarantine Habits

American industries and manufacturing are doing some amazing things to step up and serve. How will this energy and creativity carry over when things “return to normal”? What lessons does manufacturing have in store for construction? How are those lines blurring? Sit down with Todd and Bianca Coury as they discuss remote work, the ins and outs of manufacturing, what’s happening in prefabrication, and the merging entities of construction and manufacturing.

The Power of Words in this Moment

In today’s AEC and manufacturing industries, there are potentially members of four generations involved at some level: Baby Boomers Millennials Generation Y We’ve heard this referred to as a generational divide, but what it really amounts to is a generational language barrier. Different generations have a different way of communicating because they’ve Read more…

Shared Pains, The Power of Words and Digital Transformation

Got grit? Where do you find grit? Should you turn on your camera for that zoom meeting? There are #sharedpains we all have as technology shifts us into unfamiliar and sometimes uncomfortable territory. But disruption doesn’t have to be scary. It can be transformative. Join Shared Pains podcast host Nathan Wood for insights into the culture of working from home, how social distancing can be a catalyst for digital transformation and multi-generational workplace communication.

On Prefabrication, the Small House Movement, and Sustainability

Are you looking for a good read? Interested in the subjects of prefabrication and the small house movement? Join us as we sit down with Forbes writer Sheri Koones, whose newest book, Downsize: Living Large in a Small House, has recently debuted. If you’d like more information about Sheri and this podcast, make sure to check out our video at to watch the interview.