Your Next Role Doesn’t Exist Yet

A lot can change in ten years, especially in the construction industry. What will productivity, jobs, and tech adoption look like a decade from now? Join host Todd and guest CJ Best as they discuss the unlimited career potential within AEC, how to forge your own path using the job you’re passionate about, some of the hidden contributions to your ROI, and how construction and manufacturing can promote a symbiotic relationship.

Questioning the Tried and True

How has social media influenced what the world knows about the trades? How do we tackle the subject of miscommunication about—and within—the industry? Join host Todd and guest Sam Hamilton as they discuss the ups and downs of communication in the industry, how ego can easily lead to misunderstandings on projects, how to tell the “tried and true” from the “shiny and new,” the importance of “pushing the broom” above appearances, and much more.

The Long-Term Vision of Modular

Are modular and prefab going to immediately bring you profits? Probably not, and that’s okay. Implementing new processes and technologies won’t give you an immediate cash injection. In this episode, Prefab integration director Sara Curry says that you have to constantly look at the long-term vision. Don’t let the sticker shock of the initial investment deter you from realizing the gains in the long run.

Does Construction Have A Silver Bullet?

What is operational efficiency, and what are some ways that we can achieve it? How do we bring up to the “technology conversation” to slower adopters? Join host Todd and guest Aaron Henderson as they discuss the pros and cons of AI in the construction industry, how efficiency and technology relate to each other, what the future of sustainability will look like, and more.

The Change Management Road of BIM

The transition from a 2D workflow to a digital one, like building information modeling (BIM), requires change management. Curiosity is growing industry-wide around introducing better processes into construction, as well as getting a better view of the full lifecycle of projects. As a result, the BIM landscape is steadily changing. Read more…