Augmented Realities are Shaping Skylines

Of all the most recent advents in construction technology, what are the most useful? What’s the biggest hurdle in adoption when it comes to AR and VR? Join host Todd and guest Garrett Isham as they discuss the pros and cons of artificial intelligence, what construction and manufacturing can learn from each other, and the modern technologies that will shape the near future of the industry.

The Profitable Path to Sustainability

What are the smartest ways to prioritize sustainable efforts and profits—especially if your company is less established? Join host Todd and guest Aad Storm as they discuss what it means to prioritize sustainability, the “human element” we shouldn’t forget in the whirlwind of new tech adoption, how we can reassure teammates and employees of their irreplaceable value in the face of AI, and much more.

The Multifaceted Blueprint of Business Success: Innovation, Collaboration, Adaptability, and Talent Acquisition

Success looks like different things to different companies. It might include using innovation to solve problems, achieving efficient collaboration, staying competitive by adjusting to the market, or adding and retaining qualified staff. Embracing Innovation Innovation isn’t absolutely necessary for solving problems, but it can help. In a problem-solving culture, companies Read more…

Autonomy is Your New Secret Weapon

What does a successful technological transformation look like in our industry? What are the biggest challenges facing that successful transformation? Join host Todd and guest KP Reddy as they discuss the importance of staying consistent, the reliable predictors of success or failure in tech implementation, making space for creativity and innovation in construction, and more.

AI at the Forefront: Revolutionizing Safety and Efficiency in the Construction Industry

The construction labor shortage is driving technological innovation. Part of that technological innovation involves artificial intelligence (AI). One of the best uses of AI in construction is focused around safety on the jobsite. In reality, AI can protect the industry’s most important resource: its people. Companies are increasingly open to Read more…

Accidental Collaboration

What are the best ways to create a culture of innovation in construction? Join host Todd and guest Todd Grossweiler as they discuss adopting an entrepreneurial mindset for success, how one customer’s story can change your processes for the better, the pros and cons of modular construction techniques, and more.