Sharing Trade Secrets

The need for more skilled tradesmen is one of the biggest issues facing construction. How do we attract—and retain—new talent? Join host Todd and guest Rob Bonifacio as they discuss the significance of social media
in the industry’s future, connecting with likeminded people in the trades, what it truly means to “be an influencer,” and what the younger generation should know about construction before pursuing a career in the industry.

Sustainability Material Trends

If you’re in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry, it’s becoming increasingly important for you to become educated on green initiatives and green building products. Consumers and investors in the industry are making more decisions based on sustainability. Large shifts are happening that are affecting competition in the marketplace. Read more…

It’s a Data Problem, Not a Technology Problem

Where is the construction industry right now on the road to tech adoption? What steps do we need to take to guarantee successful technology implementation? Join host Todd and guest Russell Haworth as they discuss the mindset that’s needed to move forward with technology, the arc of the industry’s digital transformation journey, how tech can assist us in tackling bigger issues like sustainability and carbon emissions, and more.

Russell Haworth is a technology-focused CEO with a proven track record of growing businesses with new products in new markets. He specializes in optimizing the intersection of data, cloud, and machine learning for SaaS products.

The Reality of Connected Construction

Construction superintendents have an unbelievable workload. General contractors have hundreds of project workers onsite every day. There are thousands of elements. This kind of information can’t be handled well manually. So more and more companies are looking to artificial intelligence and other innovations to help with construction management. The construction Read more…