Are You Wasting Time Communicating?

Communicating better in construction is not as easy and straightforward as it might seem. Better communication means something different to everyone. These days and in these situations, it is important to take time to understand the other stakeholders’ objectives. About one-third of time spent on a jobsite is related in Read more…

Team Equals Tenure

Is it possible to guarantee success? If so, what building blocks do you need to implement? Join host Todd and guest Bryson Reaume as they discuss building the best team for your project, how to stay connected when you might be working remote, what the world should know about the contractor’s point of view, and the shifting goals and mindsets of project teams.

The Lean Journey

Lean construction delivery involves bringing together the tools and principles to empower a team to deliver value effectively. Lean principles form reliable, sustainable workflows. The end goal for construction with lean methods is complete integration of design and construction – the project and the team. As a process improvement, there Read more…

The Old Trades are Gone

We all have a story to tell—what’s yours? Join host Todd and guest Jessica Bannister as they discuss the growing audience that comes with globalization, the difficulties we face in reaching and maintaining the attention of the younger generation, the essential nature of collaboration in modern times, and much more.