Salting the Horse

Where do most training programs fall short? The answer may lie in the way we’ve been approaching the subject of training at large. Straight from GRAITEC Innovate2Build with Amy Powell of Well Works, this episode takes a closer look at what it means to truly and effectively train workers, how to support the “learning transfer” in every stage of training, and how emotional intelligence comes into play.

Build in Time to Learn

Now that prefabrication is taking off, we’re looking for ways to make it a seamless process. Is there yet a “perfect software” that has everything you need for a prefab project? Often, we don’t streamline our workflows until something raises the alarm bells. In this episode from Advancing Prefabrication 2024, we sit down with Chris Fischer to discuss some of the biggest hurdles facing widespread, cross-industry adoption of the prefab movement.

Innovation Isn’t Just Hardware and Software

The productization of prefab will be a tricky and incremental process. Can we still bring our creativity to the table when there are so many unknowns? In this episode, Todd Mustard joins us at Advancing Prefabrication 2024 and sparks a discussion about repurposing supply chains, the power of BI dashboards, and growing widespread interest in IBEW Local 48.

Bringing Certainty to the Project Team

Depending on how you look at them, AI and prefabrication in construction can be time-saving game changers or tools of disruption. Paul Sweeney joined us at Advancing Prefab 2024 to discuss the substantial shifts in mindset around prefabrication as a whole, how to look at the past to prepare for the future, the positive aspects of newer technology, and new alignments between industries that were once completely disparate.

The Rise of Prefabrication and the Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

As an age-old industry, construction has witnessed some remarkable transformations over the years. While traditional methods have long been the cornerstone of construction projects, the emergence of updated practices like prefabrication is revolutionizing the field. Prefab, the assembly of building components built offsite, offers unparalleled efficiency and innovation. It has Read more…