How Technology Informs Teamwork

Join host Todd and guest Mark Lamberson as they discuss construction trends that are here to stay, doing your “due diligence” in the industry, how to evolve alongside the constant changes in tech, how to represent your own interests as well as those of your team with technology, and remembering to apply empathy to every aspect of the industry.

How to Rock the Trades

Catch us here Spotify Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts Overcast Episode Description Are you ready to turn the volume up and rock the trades loud? Join host Todd Weyandt and guest Christopher Brenchley as they discuss the state of the trades today, the absolute importance of skilled tradesmen as essential workers, Read more…

Explaining the Why Behind Change

With more and more owners mandating new construction methods on their jobs, it presents construction companies with challenges to live up to. Adopting different ways to build results in quicker culture shifts, and the tools are emerging on the scene to help you change your company’s culture. A company’s investment Read more…

Embracing Cobots for Future Growth

There is a growing interest in construction technology startups among investors, which means we are seeing more innovative and useful tech becoming available in the industry. One example is robotics, which can help bridge the gap between construction demand and the industry’s labor shortage. However, the industry has a way Read more…

Bringing Iron Man to Construction

Does your company embrace innovation and new opportunities? Do you? Also, what is the future of robotics in construction? Join host Todd and guest Aarni Heiskanen as they discuss crossing the divide between labor and construction demand, the growing importance of robotics in the field, the people-centric aspect of the construction industry, and much more.

The Catalyst Behind a Growth Mindset

What does it mean to grow? Will you have to move beyond your comfort zone to keep up? Join host Todd and guest Doug Howard as they discuss navigating growth with your company, nurturing long-range plans over time, the absolute necessity of skill training, and how to both embrace and understand the downsides of technology.