What Comes First – Chaos or Shortages?

If you’re in construction, you’ve seen chaos on jobs. You can get so busy dealing with it, that you don’t actually have time to determine the cause. Chaos is a symptom of inadequate systems. Once you find the root cause of chaos and get people to think in a systematic way, you can put the right systems in place to eliminate a lot of confusion.

Labor Shortage or Delusion?

We’ve heard that the biggest problem facing construction is the skilled labor shortage, but what if it’s just a delusion? Join host Todd and guest Todd Dawalt of The Construction Leading Edge podcast as they discuss if the labor shortage is just a symptom of a larger problem. They also tackle questions like: is there a better way to do things, or do you search for new and innovative ways to look at construction? How do you make employees and customers feel valuable and important to your business?

What is Construction Innovation?

Nearly every company is embracing some form of innovation and technology today. The wise way to do that is by bringing in some level of innovation and then building upon it. Taking it one step at a time, it’s best to spend time up front to decide what you’re trying to accomplish and then be deliberate in choosing the tech to get you there. Take time to research tools, make sure they make sense for your business, and adopt them slowly. Tech tools cost money, but the ones that are right for your business will bring a return on investment.

Connecting Construction

What’s the biggest problem facing the construction industry right now? On the surface, some of the biggest problems aren’t easy to see. Join host Todd and guest John Reid of Faber Connect as they talk about how new technologies are changing the game, the need for skilled trades and labor, and why construction firms need to begin to embrace innovation and technology.

Using Data to Advance Construction

What’s your stance on adopting new technology in the construction industry? With the growth in venture capital investment and the adoption of new ideas, it’s certainly an exciting industry to be a part of. Join host Todd and Mallorie Brodie of Bridgit as they talk about pushing the industry forward, data versus the “gut instinct,” and the newest challenges of social distancing on the job site.

MEP Force 2020 Edition: Day 3 Recap

When you attend a jam-packed conference (like MEP Force), you have watched all the keynotes, attended your favorite breakout sessions, and hopped on a Zoom call for networking, how do you keep the conversation moving forward after the event ends? Rob McKinney, Nathan Wood, Travis Voss, and James Simpson have joined Todd Weyandt on the Bridging the Gap Podcast again to answer this very question. The answer is so simple that it might surprise you.

MEP Force 2020 Edition: Day 2 Recap

What do get when you pack over 200 industry professionals into one Zoom meeting? If you guessed ‘have a virtual party’, ‘create an amazing conversation’, ‘push the industry forward’, ‘get a cooking demonstration’, ‘learn BBQ tips from a professional’, or ‘learn a new margarita recipe’, you’d be correct!

MEP Force 2020 Edition: Day 1 Recap

LIVE: A look at Day 1 of MEP Force 2020 on the Bridging the Gap Podcast. This special episode features a round table from some industry and podcast veterans: Rob McKinney, Nathan Wood, Travis Voss, and James Simpson. They unpack the biggest trends and conversations coming out of the conference and the trades. Two of our biggest takeaways? 1) Tons of folks in the industry (1300 of them!) are hungry to network and connect. 2) Amy Marks’ Keynote, The Rise of the Subcontractor struck a chord with listeners across the globe. Some more about the amazing panel joining us this week: