How to Build the Las Vegas Sphere

How do you build something that’s never been tried before? How do you model something that’s never been modeled before? If you’re looking for the answer to those questions, Alain Michalak is your guy. He brings the “there must be a way” mindset to every project – including the Las Vegas Sphere. This episode is rich with advice for challenging the way things have always been done and paving the way for projects of the future.

Blue is the New White

What kinds of opportunities do you associate with blue-collar jobs? Do they differ from white-collar opportunities? It seems that the lines are beginning to blur. Join host Todd and guest Josh Zolin as they discuss “abundance” within the trades, managing a good work-life balance, challenging the stigma around manual labor, and more.

May the Data Be with You

The common data environment, where project data is readable by multiple platforms, is our path forward in the construction industry. Unfortunately, even today, the huge amount of data that comes out of a project as it is constructed isn’t being leveraged to its full potential. There are immense possibilities when Read more…

It Is Ok to Be Uncomfortable

Are you ignoring what is possible by not taking the time needed to understand perspectives? Join host Todd and guest Mike Buckiewicz as they talk through the value of soft skills in construction, the human element needed, utilizing disruption for the betterment of your company.

Changing the Perception of MEP

America was built on the mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) trades, and the trades are facing change overnight. MEP trade workers are considered essential personnel during this pandemic. They’re still working, and there are immediate career opportunities across the US. Yet there is still that tendency to look down on the profession of a plumber, an electrician or an HVAC worker. That is still the predominant narrative around the trades, and it was developed long ago by those outside the professions.