In the construction industry, we can change and do things differently. Technology may not be as daunting as you thought it would be. The industry can adopt innovations on a mass scale and become more efficien

A key to successful tech implementation is to align your team behind the ultimate mission you want to accomplish – the reason your company is in business.

Many company leaders do know the corporate vision, but they don’t communicate it well throughout the company. Perhaps a handful of people – the inner circle – understand, but different teams may not be in sync with what the leadership team thinks. A good leader will communicate the vision successfully throughout the company. They will put the mission, vision and values out there for everyone to see and buy into. Every organization has a mission, vision and values, even if they’re unspoken. People need to come together as a team to deliver something in the built world.

Communication is important within companies. Too many leaders try to keep everything within their reach and in their sphere of influence for too long. Technology is an example. It may not be important to understand everything the technology does, because the people you have entrusted to use it will do that for you. Decide what problems the company is facing and give your team the freedom to solve them. Help your people grow to their potential. The best situation is when your team can function as a well-oiled machine without being micromanaged.

When a leader communicates the company’s vision, other teams can be creative and help accomplish more work. But it takes trust.

Looking at each decision through the filter of the company’s mission results in good decisions. Sometimes, bad decisions are made. But if they are made with good intentions, that is a learning experience. Teams can learn through experience and get better over the time.

To grow your business, you need to increase the size of your inner circle. The members of your inner circle need to communicate the company’s vision and combine it with their own vision. In that way, they can best support the company. They, in turn, need to increase the size of their circle of influence. Too many people work without communicating and keeping their team looped in, impeding efficiency.

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There are a lot of potential opportunities for companies in the construction industry today. Projects in demand include renewable energy, transportation, water infrastructure, and others. It’s up to the construction industry to step up and build these projects, and trust and collaboration are two important components for the businesses that will accomplish that work.

Tune in to episode 101 of Bridging the Gap podcast with guest Jeff Sample, as he discusses the importance of trust in the industry, lessons learned and equipping efficient businesses. 


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