As the ownership of data has become more tangible, the need has arisen for a space where companies involved in a project can collaborate together while protecting proprietary data. This creates a potential for unified software platforms, as well as connected construction using the cloud. 

Recognizing this, Autodesk continues to evolve its efforts to get the industry better connected across design and make, in essence, changing the way we work together.

One demonstration of this commitment was in establishing its Autodesk Platform Services (formerly Forge). As Autodesk acquires technology companies, it is pulling all the point solutions together – all the individual experiences – under one umbrella, merging them into a platform.

Shifting from desktop to cloud promises to deliver better business outcomes, including:

  1. The most up-to-date data always available at your fingertips.
  2. A better way to drive enterprise purchasing.

Through its Autodesk Platform Services, the company has committed to three industry clouds for managing assets and workflows going forward:

Fusion – the product engineering platform that connects everyone involved in innovating products and making prototypes quickly: designers, engineers and manufacturers.

Forma – the design platform for architects, engineers, construction, and operations that revolutionizes the way designers and architects create.

Flow – the platform for performance and efficiency with cutting edge simulation and analysis tools.

As part of the construction industry, companies have an important part to play in getting the industry better connected throughout design and make.

Across the board, companies involved in construction need to determine what they want to achieve. What outcomes you are looking for? It’s key to explore and decide what you want your workflows to be, and this includes the full range of technology solutions your company’s departments are using. An important step in this journey is discovery around how you want the tech to work together. How do you want all your technology to be connected?

Some key building blocks companies should stack up before adding technology include:

  • Goals for the company as well as the workers – what you want to achieve.
  • Roadmap to get there – your success plan.
  • Key outcomes you’re looking for.
  • Your planned process for managing the changes.
  • Enlisting partners for planning, implementation, integration, customization, training, and service.

On the important topic of data ownership, since establishing the collaborative cloud, Autodesk has been working on ways for teams to establish contractual terms around the ownership of data. There needs to be a way to have a collaboration experience while owning the data. One newer product – Bridge – allows the use of disparate data and federated data so the companies involved can own their data and give select access to the extended team. This promises to help change attitudes about change in the industry.  

Autodesk Construction Solutions are being developed as better stewards of integration, with open APIs (application programming interfaces) that enable connection with other technology solutions. Things are constantly changing at Autodesk, with continual updates its platforms, compared to the annual updates schedule decades ago. There is always something new in Autodesk Construction Solutions.

Bridging the Gap Podcast, episode 202 with guest Angi Izzi of Autodesk "Construction Data and a Unified Platform"
Bridging the Gap Podcast, episode 202 with guest Angi Izzi of Autodesk “Construction Data and a Unified Platform”

To hear more about Autodesk Construction Solutions, tune in to Bridging the Gap Podcast episode 202 with Autodesk’s Angi Izzi. 


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