From the time we’re little kids, we are all innovators. We like trying new things. We enjoy having new ways of getting stuff done. But as we grow up, once in a while we get burned, and it leaves some people a little wary of testing out new technologies.

We’ve all faced the daunting task of buying something that might not be worth it, and the stakes are especially high when the decision involves construction equipment and technology tools. If you love the innovation coming on the MEP scene but are hesitant to invest in the new tech without some guidance, then you’ll benefit greatly from the latest Bridging the Gap podcast.

Jonathan Marsh at Steel Toe Consulting has been putting some of those big-ticket products through their paces to determine which ones are practical and will provide a good workflow for contractors in the construction industry. In the Bridging the Gap podcast “Taking the Guesswork out of Construction Products,” Jonathan encourages users to have resolve when trying out new technology. He also discusses how you can save money and time on the job site while getting the most out of your investment.

Jonathan takes a look at overall technology trends in the construction industry. Find out what he thinks will be the top technology taking 2020 by storm and why he thinks so. He also explains where he thinks technology is going in the future, the workflows that will emerge, and how he thinks prefabrication and modular construction are going to affect the way things get built.

As we’re moving toward a more tech- and manufacturing-centered industry, there are almost too many options. Sure, there are technology tools that can alleviate the skilled labor shortage, and most MEP companies have heard that they need to adapt or be left behind, so there’s a certain sense of urgency. But it’s hard to find that balance between what’s possible vs. what’s practical. Jonathan explains the soundest process for choosing the technology that best suits your business . . . should it be the cheapest? most expensive? most popular? How can you tell what’s the best fit? Jonathan talks about products he has tested and the criteria he used for setting end goals to decide which scenarios and applications they are best suited to. He also talks about an emerging use of YouTube that you may find surprising and encouraging.

Embrace that “little kid” inside, and you’ll realize that the changes and technology coming on the scene are really bringing exciting times to MEP.


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