What’s your biggest pain point? Is it sales, or is it attracting talent?

Although the methods of approach are different, marketing is a good tool for addressing both of those pain points.

One of the biggest misconceptions about the construction industry is that workers are in dead-end jobs. Some people have the impression that construction is where your career goes to die. The attitude over the decades has been that you could do something better with your life than work in a construction job. The reality? Any job in any industry is going to be hard sometimes. There are actually many ways to grow personally and professionally in the construction industry.

In case you didn’t already know, construction is cool, and it enables people to set themselves up for an amazing life. The people involved are good at creative problem solving, and they’ve found success without going into debt to get a college degree.

The challenge is showing off the successes.

As has been said many times, construction has a marketing problem. There are a lot of people who simply ended up in the construction industry without planning it. Once they got a taste, they stayed. But that laid back attitude can’t be relied upon to carry the industry through the challenges ahead.

The vast majority of contractors are humble. They don’t have a “brand,” and they’re likely not interested in having one. The result is that we are not attracting new generations into construction. Potential employees can’t envision what a life in construction even looks like.

It’s widely known there is a construction labor shortage, but there seems to be limited action to solve that. In 2023, 590,000 workers are needed to do the work that is pending. In addition, it’s anticipated that about 40% of the labor force will retire in the next ten years. Although robotics have been suggested as a solution, they may not be able to fill the gap quickly enough.

Rather, companies need to invest into getting people excited about the industry in general and their work specifically, so they can attract more qualified people. Sharing stories is the key, and those stories need to be told from inside the industry. There have been false narratives down through the years from outside the industry that have effectively turned job-seekers’ attention elsewhere.

People want to know what you can do for them. Construction professionals have engaging stories to share with a world that is watching. Each story is different: you never know who you might inspire with your journey. In today’s world of social media, telling your story is easier than ever, and it can have far-reaching effects. Everyone can be a brand ambassador these days.

Your company’s vision and values are also key components for attracting customers and talent. Good culture is an ingredient for success.

In the construction industry, there is room for growth, there are different ways to operate, there is a variety of technology to keep people engaged, and there is tremendous opportunity.

Bridging the Gap Podcast, episode 204 with guest Tyler Campbell "Branding Your Company For Greatness"
Bridging the Gap Podcast, episode 204 with guest Tyler Campbell “Branding Your Company For Greatness”

To hear more of the discussion around marketing the construction industry, tune in to Bridging the Gap Podcast episode 204 with Tyler Campbell, co-host of Construction Brothers Podcast. 


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