It’s hard to sell somebody something if they don’t know you offer it.

Even the smallest companies benefit from marketing. Whether you have one person or a full marketing department, your marketer(s) should be talking to your salespeople to understand what customers are looking for. That should shape your messaging.

Two ways to get leads for potential customers are through your website and interaction on social media.

Your website should be focused on getting visitors to interact with you. Once they land on your website, your content needs to engage them. Websites are a great place to publish articles, photos and other information (content) to get out the message of why people buy from your company. It may surprise you to know that customers want you to help them be the champion in solving a problem they have.  

Customer testimonials can be very powerful. Pictures and videos from jobsites can also be engaging. Even a one minute video can make a much bigger impact than a page full of text. Beyond telling a story, they should include “calls to action,” which are simply buttons or links to click that put the potential customer in touch with you. It should be the focus of your website to guide a customer on their journey to being successful solving their problem, whether it’s replacing their roof or constructing a building.

Get input from actual customers. Take videos of projects about things that will resonate with potential customers. You can include customers in your videos or make short documentaries, which can then be posted to your website. Genuine videos with real people are the best. You can simply walk around your job site, point the camera at yourself and start talking about it. People can relate to that and are more likely to buy your services when they see you’re a real person.

Your videos might even be an employee recruitment tool, demonstrating the quality of your company and the career opportunities you offer.

If you put the right content on social media, your potential customers can even share it with other people, extending your reach. If you’re not familiar with using Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube, get advice. Part of the process will involve experimenting and finding what works best for you.  

“Hanging out” with your customers will not only improve your client relationships, it can also help you understand what’s important to them so you can better align with others like them. It also enables you to be a leader and champion for your industry. There are good jobs and careers in construction, including many support roles. Construction jobs and jobsites are safer than ever, the demand is high, and they pay more than ever.

Your marketing efforts can pay off and even become a profit center. You’ll see rewards coming back from the efforts you put in.

Tune in to episode 126 of Bridging the Gap Podcast to hear more about construction marketing from Tim Brown of the Hook Agency. 


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