The ability to gather and utilize the right data is a pivotal factor for driving future success in any industry. Construction is no exception. With the way the industry is evolving, there is an increasing need for precise data collection and management. The insights derived from accurate data can lead to improved project outcomes and enhanced efficiency. Gathering the right data on construction projects is supremely important, and there are best practices to ensure that data can be used effectively to inform future success.


The foundation of any successful data strategy in construction comes from understanding when and how to collect information. Gathering data at the right stages of a project ensures it is relevant and actionable. Early data collection during preconstruction enables better planning and forecasting. Continuous data gathering throughout the project lifecycle provides real-time insights that can inform decision-making and adjustments.


One of the primary data management challenges we’ve heard a lot about in construction is the prevalence of data silos. Caused by information isolated within specific departments or systems, silos prevent the effective use of information across an organization. To prevent this, it’s crucial to standardize processes to ensure data is collected and stored in a uniform way. Standardized data collection methods make for better interoperability among datasets. This allows accurate information to flow smoothly across different systems and stakeholders.


Effective data management begins with strategic data mapping. Before delving into data analysis, it is essential to determine which questions a company needs to have answered. This can guide the way data is mapped and analyzed, ensuring that the information collected is aligned with objectives. Strategic data mapping identifies key data points and their relationships and ensures they are captured accurately.

Interoperability among datasets is also critical. When data can be seamlessly integrated across various systems, it results in more comprehensive analysis and better decisions. Interoperability enables a more holistic view of the project – using insights from different sources for a clearer picture of project performance.


Innovation in preconstruction is one vital way to enhance process improvements and drive progress throughout the construction lifecycle. Companies need to cultivate a culture shift that supports and encourages innovation. This can lead to significant efficiency and better outcomes by promoting new ways of thinking and working. A culture of innovation empowers teams to experiment with new tools and techniques, employ continuous learning, and embrace change. Leveraging innovative solutions can streamline preconstruction activities, improve accuracy, and ultimately deliver better projects.


Clear and effective communication is essential for successful project execution. Promoting collaboration among project stakeholders from the outset ensures that the project plan takes everyone’s perspectives into consideration. A collaborative approach leads to more cohesive project execution through understanding and alignment. Whether it’s via regular meetings, integrated project management tools, or open lines of communication, by working together stakeholders can share insights and make informed decisions that benefit the whole project.

Gathering the right data on construction projects has become tremendously important. Accurate and timely collection, coupled with standardized processes and strategic mapping, lays the groundwork for successful project outcomes. When a culture of innovation is added, with enhanced communication through collaboration, the benefits of effective data management ultimately serve to improve a company’s long term success.

Bridging the Gap Podcast episode 264 with guest Will Lehrmann "Break Down Data Silos by Future-Proofing"
Bridging the Gap Podcast episode 264 with guest Will Lehrmann “Break Down Data Silos by Future-Proofing”

For more insights, listen to Bridging the Gap podcast episode 264 with guest Will Lehrmann “Break Down Data Silos by Future-Proofing”.


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