There are definite benefits for your company when you embrace the disruptions happening in the construction industry. You’ve probably thought to yourself from time to time (usually when you’re working late again) that there are easier ways to manage projects, and there are more efficient ways to operate. If you’re not one of the early adopters of technology, consider these reasons why you might want to change that:

Technology is a way to overcome obstacles. Make a list of your company’s top five obstacles – sometimes we call them “pains.” Then ask your technology partner about the tech tools that can help you conquer them.

There are ways that technology can help your company deal with added layers of safety now required on jobsite. You didn’t ask for this, but you’ve got to make new safety requirements work for your company. The resources exist, you merely need to find them.

Digital processes help you reduce paperwork. Digital tools and mobile apps are available to get your teams on the same page with more structure and less paper. And less paper means not having to wonder if you’re working on the latest set of drawings.

Technology is a no-brainer for getting more organized on and off the jobsite. Given enough time, everyone can get organized. Trouble is, there isn’t enough time for even the most efficient among us to accomplish that. But the technology exists to improve that dramatically.

Knowing that your company has established digital processes gives your workers confidence. A happy worker is a productive worker. It’s gratifying to be part of something successful, and the more you enable your workforce to learn, grow and be successful, the more loyal, long-term team members they are likely to be.

Implementing the correct mix of technology for your company will give you better productivity.

Technology speeds up slow processes.

You can save thousands of dollars by addressing just one small inefficiency with technology.

There are probably thousands of ways technology can improve construction processes. But some of the low hanging fruit for improving efficiencies over the next few years include digitization of workflows. Each company is different, but they all can profit from small wins in becoming more efficient and productive. Each company has a different need, and they will find their small wins in different places.

As recent as early 2020 for some companies, the industry has been forced to look at implementing digital processes for a number of operations. It may not be a fun time, but it has been an eye-opening experience. Once you dive in, it isn’t quite as daunting as some company managers may have imagined.

As an added benefit, owners and managers are learning things through this disruptive time that can be useful on future projects. In this way companies can embrace the disruptions happening in the construction industry and get stronger through them.


Bridging the Gap Podcast, episode 51 with guest Kyle Peacock of Peacock Construction

In episode 51 of the Bridging the Gap podcast, I talk with Kyle Peacock, president and CEO of Peacock Construction, about keeping jobs running efficiently in the face of disruptions. Listen to our conversation today.


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