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It’s time for another Meeting of the Pods with Bridging the Gap podcast host Todd Weyandt and Daily Commercial News and Journal of Commerce national managing editor Vince Versace. Weyandt says the goal of his podcast is to put the spotlight on innovation and innovators in the industry which he says has not marketed its accomplishments as effectively as it could.

Both Vince and Todd agree the pandemic has had one positive effect on the industry in that digital adoption has skyrocketed as the industry was forced to move towards new ways to communicate and manage projects.

Todd also pointed out while there will be some movement back to old practices once the pandemic over, it will be met with resistance since new digital methodologies have been proven to work.

COVID-19 also forced people to confront ongoing events through a level playing field, Todd said, and because they were going through the same unprecedented situation they could tackle it together.

Vince and Todd covered much more on the podcast so be sure to listen and check out our weekly quick-hit podcast TCR Express every Wednesday.


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