Todd Weyandt podcast interview

I had the pleasure of interviewing another construction podcast host, Todd Weyandt of Applied Software. We discuss innovation and how to do it successfully. This is episode 107 of the AEC Business Podcast.

Todd Weyandt is the Director of Creative Marketing at Applied Software and host of the Bridging the Gap Podcast, winner of the 2020 Best Construction Podcast. He is a champion of industry dialogue to support companies as they try new things, advance and thrive. Todd has a deep knowledge of how to increase awareness of a brand, communication strategy and plays a major role in elevating corporate culture.

On the podcast, we touch on these topics

  • Todd’s business and his vision
  • What innovation beyond productivity improvements entails
  • How to foster innovation in construction sector firms
  • How companies in this industry can become more resilient
  • How to improve our communication regarding innovation and development
  • What delights Todd in his business right now

You can reach Todd via LinkedIn and visit his company’s website at Also, subscribe to the Bridging the Gap Podcast.

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