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It’s no question that technological advancements in our industry are abundant. By leveraging data, we can create exact digital replicas of buildings. With prefabrication, we can systemize and streamline the building of modular homes and other construction projects. They’re absolutely crucial as we navigate through our industry’s digital transformation, but as with any technology, it only works as well as its user. Where does this all start? How do we utilize our technologies to work best for us? By getting out of our own way and fostering a mindset of growth and innovation, in our own companies and in the industry as a whole. 

Bridging the Gap, a podcast put on by Applied Software, an AEC and manufacturing industry software reseller, is passionate about usefully integrating and adapting new technologies that work for your company. By developing a solid plan with goals in mind, creating minor efficiencies in workflow and understanding the relationship between technology and people, the industry will be more set for success than ever before.  

Tune in as Todd and Devon discuss how construction can adopt new technologies in practical ways, the role of marketing in construction, the importance of connecting the right technologies to the right handshakes and of course, connecting the Bridging the Gap and AOC tribes! This is truly a match made in podcast heaven.


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