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Join the innovation adventure that spotlights MEP and the construction industry – advancements in technology, distinctive perspectives, the soft skills required for successful transformation, and stories about the problem-solving mindset that continues to shape this great industry and propel it forward.

The Bridging the Gap Podcast gives voice to the incredible things happening in and around construction while championing the fact that this is a great industry to be in.

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Leading through Disruption and Digital Transformation

There are those who allow themselves to be carried along by the wave of changes taking place. There are others who want to take an active part in changing things for the better. Which one are you?

For the past year, we have had important conversations with 60+ construction leaders, and now we have put all that information in an extensive eBook.


Meet the Host

Todd Weyandt seeks out enlightening conversations with industry experts who are changing the technological landscape. Engaging a full spectrum of voices, he champions an industry dialogue that supports companies as they try new things, advance and thrive.

He is on a mission to embrace and share the innovations transforming the AEC, MEP and manufacturing industries. 

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The Bridging the Gap Podcast is brought to you by Applied Software. With solutions for the modern project, Applied is on a mission to transform industries by empowering clients and championing innovation with real-world expert consultants. 

Bringing you a comprehensive array of solutions for AEC, MEP and manufacturing, the experts of Applied have a singular focus – helping you achieve higher performance. Visit asti.com today.

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